One on one 

For athletes serious about improvement and seeking personalised mentoring.

Clients can register for one on one personalised training programme with a sports coach at the clinic, where they will firstly overcome any injury or pattern of injuries impacting on their performance, and then learn the 10 step process for injury free improved performance.  

Note: for athletes outside of the area, one on one can be delivered through a mixture of physical visits and online coaching.

Xalt Academies
Code specific two-day intensive for those training for code based events

At regular intervals Xalt runs a 2 day Academy for those wishing to improve their performance in a particular code. These Academies are two day intensives where a group of athletes training for the same code are introduced to the 10 steps to injury free improved performance, apply the concepts to their training and set their improvement goals for an up-coming event.  All participants leave with access to the training app and a programme with an online coach for 12 months.

Package includes 2 day workshop, accommodation and on-going coaching programme with coach and the app.

Virtual Programmes

Xalt also delivers programmes completely off site, designed to encourage all people (anywhere in the world) to get more from their bodies by successfully training for a sports event.  The Event Ready Bodies Programmes are designed to empower any person – at ranging fitness levels - to be able to successfully complete in sporting events with confidence.

Event Ready Bodies
For anybody wanting to improve their health, see their bodies transform (externally and internally) and get greater enjoyment from life through having a fitter body.

Event Ready Bodies is a programme, with a six month minimal commitment, to help someone empower their body to train for a sports event. Programmes are delivered by way of online personalised coaching and use of the Event Ready Bodies App which allows the participant to manage and monitor their training – both during the programme and with access to the app and support for 12 months.

ERB Ignite

An programme with a 6 month minimum commitment aimed at ‘first time eventers’ – those who have not done an event before. The programme tests their current body functionality and gets them functional and then prepares them to train effectively for their first event using the 10 steps to effective training, using online coaching and a fitness app for support. 

ERB Power
A programme with a 6 month minimum commitment for those who have been competing in events, have base level functionality and want to improve their performance, or have sustained an injury which is preventing them from competing any more.  The programme addresses any preventative injury then teaches the 10 steps to effective event training to ensure they see improvements in their performance.



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