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The World Masters Games 2017

Recreational athletes may have the biggest reason to get competitive yet. In April 2017 New Zealand will host the World Masters Games in Auckland. The event, convening over 25000 athletes from 48 different codes, is the best reason in the world to pick a sport and get training.
The event provides a unique opportunity for weekend warriors to compete with world crown princes in every discipline and to benchmark their ability on a global level. The international gathering of like minded individuals promsie a carnival atmosphere and level excitement unlikey to be repeated in this country in the foreseeable next few decades.

This event is simply the largest multisport event to take place in the world. The spirit of Masters competitions all over the world is one of participation so whether you play to stay fit, to have fun or simply to win this event historically has maximised the athlete experience in and around the competition.

Pictured above Xalt Mastersportsperson of the Year 2015 Vanessa Story. For details about the event see the official World Masters Games Newsletter.


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