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My technique is fine

Most people think their technique is fine, their technique is normal – they think to do better they just need to get fitter. They have never considered that their level of performance is perfectly aligned to their ability to move. The link between their ability to move and their ability to perform never even crosses their minds.

Sometimes they even have pain and discomfort but if it’s not too bad and goes away for a bit they think they’re fine.

Whilst having aches and pain is inconvenient and can cost time and money the most important thing to remember is that poor technique also deteriorates our body faster than correct technique. Poor technique will over time rob us of our future health and limit our “capacity to do.”

Would you rather find out earlier than later that you had a technique problem? Would you feel cheated by your healthcare professional if you went to them with a sore back and they treated the symptoms but never once thought you’d be interested to know that your technique (the way you use your back) is causing this issue? If you had just known that if you spent a little bit of time and effort now, you could avoid joint wear and tear, tissue congestion and malnutrition, accelerated aging and limited range of motion. Wouldn’t you want to know now when it’s easy to fix than later when it’s chronic and you’ve wasted years with pain?

The silly thing is most technique problems just require the smallest amount of change to get a massive result. Yet no one is telling you about that – until now. Xalt is committed of helping intelligent proactive folk like you get better results now and in the future.

Video analysis is a little bit like stepping into the shoes of the therapist for a moment and looking at what they see. It’s so much easier to look at a situation from the outside than from within.

To see how the analysis can help you, meet Sacha: Sacha rides race horses for a living and over the years has fallen off several hundred times. Over the course of many incidents it has become easy for her to dislocate her shoulder when working with strong horses. She didn’t think she could do anything about this because the horses are strong and her arm is weakened by many years of falls which she can’t change.

However Sacha agreed to have the muscles in the shoulder videoed as they were moving. From the video we could see Sacha was primarily using the smaller muscles of the shoulder to control the horse. What we know about the small muscles is they fatigue early. We were able to show Sacha that by using larger muscles in the back to do most of the work she would protect her shoulder and provide a lot more strength for the job. And it worked a treat. By mastering this small change Sacha was able move more easily and for longer. On top of that Sacha was able to master recovery techniques after each ride to assist the smaller muscles to freshen, tailor her training plan to strengthen the larger muscles further and include drills in her training that reinforced using the larger muscles first rather than the smaller ones she used to prefer.

Sacha found the new strategies minimised any chance of dislocation saving her immense short term discomfort when it happened and inconvenient disruption to her work and the care of the horses. Sacha found she had added confidence to manage strong horses without damaging herself. Most importantly Sacha knew her body could now withstand the long term rigours of a physically demanding career she loves.

As you can see, making a small change can deliver massive returns. Video analysis can help you find out what you can do to help your body now and for the rest of your life. This simple process offers a lifetime of better results and pain free health.

Best thing you can do is focus on technique early and learn as much as you can about how you use your body. Any insights gleaned will serve you well for your sport and your future.


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