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Six reasons why "getting old" should stay out of your training regime

"I'm getting old" is a common complaint to the "hows it going?" sport or exercise question.

Why do people say they're getting old? Even 18 year old's are complaining about getting old and have absolutely no idea about the harm they are causing. Here are six reasons why the words "getting old", along with fear and anxiety about ageing, should stay out of your training regime.

1. Complaining about "getting old" dampens the mood of the people around you

2. Research shows it dampens the mood of the complainer too.

3. You can benefit your training by asking a better question. Replace"How do I stop getting old?" with "How do I improve my performance?"

3. Ageism and being hard on ourselves greatly reduces motivation and decreases completion.

4. Comparing yourself with others younger or older can reduce your happiness. Comparison is the thief of joy. Theodore Roosevelt.

5. You tend to get what you focus on - focus on getting old, feel old; focus on improvement, gain improvement!

6. There are people disproving the decline of vitality as we age. Chris Horner won the 2013 edition of the Vuelta a Espana, Spain’s version of the Tour de France, just shy of his 42nd birthday, making him the oldest winner of a Grand Tour in cycling.The oldest Olympic marathon winner was the 38-year-old Romanian athlete Constantina Dita Tomescu, competing at the Beijing Olympic Games. Dara Torres, at the age of 41 in 2008, is the oldest swimmer to compete in the history of the Olympics, missing the gold medal in the 50-meter freestyle by hundredths of a second.

Recent American studies have shown that people who get physical exercise in midlife are more likely to still be active at 70, with positive effects on all kinds of conditions associated with ageing, including osteoarthritis, falls and hip fracture, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Create your own positive evidence - increase a rep, improve a stretch, add two minutes to your workout - Be a whole day older and expect benefits from physical improvement.


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